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Our organization is a NON FORMAL YOUTH GROUP situated in Lamia, region of Central Greece. The town is located about 2,5 hours from Athens and 50 km from the ancient Delphi, in a beautiful landscape near the sea. In our Municipality, is Thermopylae and many other historical places.

Fthia in action non formal youth group, was formed in 2018 with the purpose to get actively involved in Volunteering and Youth in Action programmes.

Members of this group, through different activities, want to strengthen awareness of active European citizenship, solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion. According to these principles, have already connected to other Youth, Culture and Sports clubs and have very strong relationships with MUNICIPALITY of Lamia, Region of Central Greece, supporting the development of new civil society contacts.


FTHIA IN ACTION YOUTH GROUP, is focusing on increasing intercultural dialogue and cooperation among European youth, organizing and sending participants in YOUTH IN ACTION programmes, filming a network of Active European young people.

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